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List of Tea Gardens in Darjeeling

Tea Gardens in Darjeeling

It has to be noted that when we talk about Darjeeling tea, we refer to the tea produced in the hilly area of Darjeeling district. The production in the plains is known as Duars tea and it has neither the taste nor the muscatel flavor associated with Darjeeling tea. In fact, to grow this variety of tea, the gardens must be located at an altitude ranging from six hundred to two thousand meters and the area must have fifty to sixty inches of rainfall over the years. The hills in Darjeeling meet all these conditions.

Moreover, cool and moist climate, sloppy terrain and typical hilly soil of the district are conductive to the growth of the best tea in the world.  Yet, it may sound strange, but tea plantations are mainly located in the Darjeeling and Kurseong subdivision of the district. That is because from the very beginning most of the land available in Kalimpong was already under cultivation. Rest of the land now belongs to the Forest Department and is maintained as reserved forest. 

In Darjeeling, tea plantations started with the experimental production of Dr A. Campbell near his residence at Beechwood. The Tukvar Tea estate located at Tukvar is said to be the first one to start commercial production.  The plantation is easily accessible from Darjeeling town through the Darjeeling-Rangeet Valley Passenger Cable Car or simply the ropeway. The Happy Valley Tea Estate was established next. It is located at a distance of 3 Km from Chowk Bazar and can easily be accessed from Lebong Cart Road by car or on foot.

Glenburn is another famous tea garden in this area. It takes around one hour to drive down to this garden. Apart from producing world class tea, this garden also runs a boutique hotel. With two rivers running through the estate and different species of birds and reptiles making it their home, it is indeed, a paradise for nature lovers. Other than the above, Rangaroon Tea Estate, Rungneet Tea Estate, Pandam Tea Estate, Tumsong Tea Estate, and Rungmook & Cedar Tea Estate are also located in the vicinity of Darjeeling town.

Other Tea Gardens in Darjeeling

Below, a list of all the tea gardens in the entire hill district has been provided:

  1. Alloobari  Tea Garden
  2. Ambiok (Hillton) Tea Garden
  3. Arya Tea Garden
  4. Avongrove Tea Garden
  5. Ambootia Tea Garden
  6. Badamtam Tea Garden
  7. Barnesbeg Tea Garden
  8. Bannockburn Tea Garden
  9. Balasun Tea Garden
  10. Chon gtong (Siristi) Tea Garden
  11. Chamong Tea Garden
  12. Castleton Tea Garden
  13. Dhajea Tea Garden
  14. Dooteria Tea Garden
  15. Dilaram Tea Garden
  16. Edenvale Tea Garden
  17. Ging Tea Garden
  18. Gielle Tea Garden
  19. GlenbumTea Garden
  20. Gopaldhara Tea Garden
  21. Goomtee Tea Garden
  22. Giddapahar Tea Garden
  23. Gyabaree & Millikthong Tea Garden
  24. Happy Valley Tea Garden
  25. Jogamaya Tea Garden
  26. Jungpana (Jungpana Upper) Tea Garden
  27. Kalej Valley Tea Garden
  28. Kumai (Snowview) Tea Garden
  29. Lingia Tea Garden
  30. Liza Hill Tea Garden
  31. Longview ( Highlands) Tea Garden
  32. Lopchu Tea Garden
  33. Margaret’s Hope Tea Garden
  34. Marybong Tea Garden
  35. Mim Tea Garden
  36. Mission Hill Tea Garden
  37. Moondakotee Tea Garden
  38. Mohan Majhua Tea Garden
  39. Makaibari Tea Garden
  40. Mullootar Tea Garden
  41. Mahalderam Tea Garden
  42. Monteviot Tea Garden
  43. Nagri Tea Garden
  44. Nagri Farm Tea Garden
  45. North Tukvar Tea Garden
  46. Narbada Majhua Tea Garden
  47. Nurbong Tea Garden
  48. Namring & Namring (Upper) Tea Garden
  49. Oaks Tea Garden
  50. Okayti  Tea Garden
  51. Orange Valley (Bloomfield)
  52. Pandam Tea Garden
  53. Pashok Tea Garden
  54. Phoobsering Tea Garden
  55. Poobong Tea Garden
  56. Pussimbing (Min zoo) Tea Garden
  57. Phuguri Tea Garden
  58. Rangaroon Tea Garden
  59. Rington g Tea Garden
  60. Risheehat Tea Garden
  61. Rohini Tea Garden
  62. Runglee Rungliot Tea Garden
  63. Rungmook/Cedars Tea Garden
  64. Kanchan View Tea Garden
  65. Samabeong Tea Garden
  66. Selimbong (Rongbong) Tea Garden
  67. Soom Tea Garden
  68. Singtom Tea Garden
  69. Steinthal Tea Garden
  70. Sungma Tea Garden
  71. Selim Hill Tea Garden
  72. Singbulli Tea Garden
  73. SivitaTea Garden
  74. Springside Tea Garden
  75. Soureni Tea Garden
  76. Singell Tea Garden
  77. Sepoydhoorah (Chamling) Tea Garden
  78. Seeyok (Spring Valley) Tea Garden
  79. Tukvar (Puttabong) Tea Garden
  80. Tumsong Tea Garden
  81. Turzum Tea Garden
  82. Tindharia Tea Garden
  83. Thurbo Tea Garden
  84. Tukdah Tea Garden
  85. Teesta Valley Tea Garden
  86. Upper Fagu Tea Garden
  87. Vah Tukvar (Sri Dwarika T.E.

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